"I don't know of any place that has as big an impact on my spiritual life than Dorroh Lake Baptist Assembly. I had the privilege of serving as Camp Director for 25 years, and though it has been many years now since I served in that position, I still run into people who say, "I became a Christian at Dorroh Lake." God definitely has His hand on this special place. If you are looking for a place to send your children to summer camp or host your own summer camp or have an adult retreat, (couples, deacons, etc.) I highly recommend Dorroh Lake Baptist Assembly."
-David Hamilton, past President, MS Baptist Convention; pastor, West Heights Baptist Church (Pontotoc, MS)

"Dorroh Lake is an incredibly special place! I experienced Dorroh Lake for the first time as a young child, attending a Royal Ambassador camp, and have some very fond memories. I recently visited Dorroh Lake, serving as a speaker for a children’s retreat. As I drove on campus, the memories flooded back. Even the smells called up special thoughts of the time that I spent at Dorroh Lake! I have also had the privilege of taking students to Dorroh Lake on a mission trip to serve, simply because I believe in what is happening there. If you are looking for a place where your children will hear Gospel teaching at an amazing location, you can trust Dorroh Lake to deliver! The caretakers have a great vision and an awesome heart for ministry! You will not be disappointed!"
- Todd Summerford, Youth Minister, Calvary Baptist Church (Tupelo, MS)

"My very large extended family has been getting together at Dorroh Lake for over 25 years now. It has been the perfect place to visit in a casual, relaxed atmosphere, turn the kids loose without concern for their safety, and enjoy some much needed peace and quiet from the busyness of life. Some of my fondest memories are times spent with family at Dorroh Lake."
- Amanda K. Douglas, (Madison, MS)

"Dorroh Lake Camp has held a special place in my heart since my first time as a camper in 1996. It is a place to get away from the world and refocus on Jesus. The facilities are nice, and the people you will meet here are top notch. Great Christian environment. "
-Justin Putnam, Youth Minister, Borders Springs Baptist Church (Caledonia, MS)