Our History

How DLBA Came About...

Dorroh Lake Baptist Assembly is celebrating over 60 years of ministry to North Mississippi and beyond. We have provided camps for boys and girls for multiple generations now as well as hosted numerous churches, groups, and families and their events. Please take a moment to peruse our timeline showing how we came to be and what additions have been made over the years.



1954- The land the camp sits on was acquired from the family of Reverend Joel Dorroh with the family house being used as the first camp meeting place.

1955- The first camps were held, one being the Associational Girls’ Auxiliary Camp led by Doris Williams Carroll.

1956- Renovations were done to the original house including a well for fresh water, a bathhouse, and a double sink for the kitchen. The House was repainted and the road leading up to the camp was improved.

1959- The levee for the lake was repaired and a new cabin was completed that would house 48 people, bringing the total number of possible campers to 60. Churches began adding Dorroh Lake to their budget and plans were put in place to build another cabin.

1960- The second cabin was completed bringing the accommodating number above 70.

1961- A two bedroom caretaker’s residence was built.

1962- In August of this year, Dorroh Lake Baptist Assembly was incorporated under the direction of A.R. Smith, director of missions for Webster-Choctaw counties; Clarence Cutrell, pastor of First Church, Eupora; L.F. Haire, director of missions for Calhoun county; Judge R.P. Sugg of Eupora; Bill McAlister; and others. Camps were not held this year because a decision was made to discontinue the use of the Dorroh family house for dining and assembly and to begin construction on a new facility.

1963- The new dining hall/chapel with a capacity of 200 was completed along with a new swimming pool.

1968- A decision was made to sell 100 acres of the camp bringing the acreage to the 40 acres the camp has today. With the sell of the land the Assembly was able to retire the debt and a ceremonial note burning took place.

1979- Reverend L.J. Brewer and his church, Meadowview Church of Starkville, came for a retreat and from this weekend, plans were drawn to build a 20 room Couple’s Cabin.

1987- The Couple’s Cabin became a reality and was named after L. J. Brewer who put much labor and love into the project by serving on the building committee and encouraging his church and others to volunteer and donate toward the cause.

2000- The Bunkhouse was built, housing 90 plus campers including separate counselor’s office and bedroom.

2009- After many years of use and many leaks patched, the swimming pool was filled in and a new pool was built.

2015- A 36' x 40' pavilion was added to the existing pool area. The pavilion houses two restrooms, a small kitchen area with sink and mini frig, and a gas grill. New mattresses were purchased for the bunkhouse, and netting was added around the small basketball court to catch stray balls.

2016- With help from Calvary Baptist Church (Tupelo, MS), the inside of the chapel was renovated in the spring. A new porch and exterior at the end of summer gave the chapel a major face lift with monies given in memory of past board president Larry Clanton. The fall brought the addition of a fire pit and swing set with seating for fifteen, and new queen size mattresses, bed frames, and bedding were acquired for the twenty private rooms in the Couple's Building.

2017- More tables were built for the pavilion with seating for a minimum of 40. An outdoor shower was constructed near the pool, and landscaping and sod were added to the front of the chapel.